AstroChem™ Automotive Cleaning & Detail Kit

AstroChem™ Automotive Cleaning and Detailing Kit contains all the products you need to clean your vehicle in a convenient resealable 3.5 gallon bucket. The kit contains our 32 oz Wash & Wash, 32 oz. Leather and Vinyl Dressing, 32 oz Tire Shine, 19 oz Glass Cleaner, 4 oz Interior Fresh, 2 16×16″ Microfiber Detailing Cloths and a 5×9″ Wash Sponge.

AstroChem™ Wash & Wax:

is specially formulated as a premium grade, concentrated auto wash and wax. This super-high sudsing formula has superior cleaning and rinsing properties in order to minimize streaking and spotting on cleaned surfaces. It is neutral in pH, and contains no harsh builders or phosphates. It does not affect any known finishes including rafile clear coat materials and leaves a super bright, clear shine after rinsing. Inhibited to prevent corrosion. Non-toxic and bio- degradable.

AstroChem™ Interior Fresh:

is a deep penetrating, fast acting deodorizer that leaves automotive interiors smelling clean and fresh by eliminating odors on fabrics, carpets and upholstery. Interior Fresh also reduces allergens left on fabrics from pets and dust mites and eliminates stale smoke odors.

AstroChem™ Glass Cleaner:

is an easy to use professional strength glass cleaner. Its foaming action surrounds and dissolves dirt, road grime, tree sap, bugs, nicotine film and more. Great for use on glass, windshields, mirrors and other surfaces. Will not haze or streak which provides maximum clarity. Clinging spray eliminates drips and runs and allows maximum spray coverage. Contains no ammonia and is safe for tinted windows.

AstroChem™ Tire Shine:

is a silicone coating that provides a water-resistant,
high gloss shine. This product protects, preserves,
and renews vinyl or rubber on vehicles, tires and
automotive trim as well as other vinyl or rubber

AstroChem™ Leather & Vinyl Dressing:

is a one step formula for the cleaning, and restoration and protection of vinyl, rubber, plastics and leather. When dry, it leaves a transparent and water repellent gloss coating that beautifies and restores surfaces. Its UV protection helps to prevent drying and cracking and when dry, leaves no slippery surfaces to attract dust and dirt.

AstroChem™ Microfiber Detailing Cloths:

are the product of recent developments in the manufacture and make-up of fine quality detailing towels. They feature a soft surface that is ideal for high quality cleaning and detailing. They are perfect for use in drying or polishing a car, motorcycle, boat, or any reflective surface, and can absorb up to seven times their weight in water.